So...what exactly IS a dancer and WHAT are they capable of?

If someone were to ask me what a dancer was four months ago, I would look at them and say, "People who just were not cut out to be athletes, I guess." Now, I dare someone to ask me. Dancers use their bodies to interpret feelings, ideas, moods, music, and drama. They may perform alone or with others in a group, before live audiences, or in front of television and film cameras. Most dance companies or teams have a modern and a classical (traditional) side. Most dancers in professional dance companies work in classical or contemporary ballet, modern, dance, or jazz. However, there are also professional ballroom and country and western dance duos, and a limited number of professional tap, folk, and ethnic dance teams. When I asked Rachel Jones (a dancer a Ball State University) what some of the personal characteristics it takes to be a dancer, she told me excellent health, self-confidence, self-discipline, ability to think creatively, logically, and intuitively, problem-solving skills, physical strength, excellent conditioning, and the ability to learn quickly and remember new and old choreography and music. Jones also added that dancers should enjoy using their bodies to express ideas, practicing and rehearsing the same movements repeatedly, and entertaining others. She also said that many dancers feel they are driven to dance because it is how they best express themselves.